PADI Advanced Open Water

Let your journey continue with your PADI Advance Open Water Diver course.

This course consists of 5 open water dives on any one of our fleet of 7 liveaboards. The course introduces you to an array of advanced skills and knowledge that will improve you as a diver and therefore increase your enjoyment of the underwater world!

Of the 5 dives, there are two mandatory adventure dives:

The first of which is the deep adventure dive in which you will make your way down to 30 metres under the surface and observe the different changes that occur at depth such as colour changes and comparing dive computers to see the differences between those at depth as well. You will also have to plan and manage gas use, including determining a turn pressure, ascent pressure and reserve pressure. At the end of the dive you will also execute a safety stop at 5 metres for a minimum of 3 minutes.

The second mandatory adventure dive is the underwater navigation dive. During this dive you will be working on both your compass skills and natural navigation skills as well. You will have a workshop on the boat with your instructor who will explain and remind you of how to use the compass with the correct techniques. Once you are underwater you need to; determine how many kick cycles it takes you to swim 30 metres, complete a straight line reciprocal using only natural references such as bottom contour, current, shadows and coral placement. Next comes the compass skills, you will need to navigate out and back from a set location and return to within 6m of where you started. After that you will then perform a square pattern, following your compass and using a predetermined number of kick cycles and return to with 8 metres of your starting point.

This leaves you with 3 other dives that you can choose the subject for:

Delayed surface marker buoy
Digital underwater imaging
Dive against debris
Enriched air
Fish ID
Peak performance buoyancy
Underwater naturalist

For all of these dives there is a theory counterpart to the practical. The theory sections will be completed before each dive. You will be given an Advanced Open Water book and you can read the relevant sections. Once you have completed your reading and asked any questions you need to your instructor to clarify anything, there is then a short multiple choice knowledge review. You will go over all the answers with your instructor before the dive to make sure that you are confident in your knowledge of the subject.


Day 1

Training Dives 1, 2 and 3 on Liveaboard 

Day 2

Training Dives 4 and 5 on Liveaboard

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

9,000 THB

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