Read our articles for tips and techniques of scuba diving in Thailand for beginners. Get to know different dive sites waiting to be explored in the Andaman Sea.

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Scuba Gear: Essential Equipment Guide

Scuba diving has gained its popularity as one of the most thrilling submarine activity over the past years. The marvel of the underwater world has drawn divers from all over the globe to explore. But scuba diving requires extensive training and careful preparation for the body, the mind, and most importantly, the scuba gear. To...
Moray Eel Types in Thailand 1

Get to know different types of Moray Eels in Thailand

Moray eels are straight out of science fiction films; but certainly not the pleasant kind. Morays are a family of eels that are found all over the globe. There are over 200 different species of Moray. And while they may vary in appearance, they all share one main characteristic: they are real creeps! Scuba divers...
What To Do In Khao Lak Thailand

What To Do In Khao Lak Thailand Before Going Back Home

For those of you who decided to join KSA Liveaboard trip onboard the Manta Queen Fleet, we assure you that you’ll be enjoying the ultimate scuba diving liveaboard experience in the Similan Islands and the North Andaman Route. If you haven’t booked a trip yet, do not hesitate! See our glorious Manta Queen Fleet page...
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5 Rules For Scuba Diving with Whale Sharks in Thailand

Reminder to all scuba divers in the Andaman Sea, as an encounter with whale shark can be anticipated. Whale Sharks (Rhincodon Typus) are named ‘gentle giants’ for being the largest fish (well, not ‘whale’) in the world, bigger that the great white shark for instance. They can reach up to an incredible 12 meters/40 feet...
Dangers In Scuba Diving

The Risks and Dangers in Scuba Diving: Stay Safe Underwater

Scuba diving is a popular sport, a favourite among people of all ages from all over the world! However, scuba diving poses some risks that one has to take. Not to threaten or anything, but we have to get this straight before going on any further. But is scuba diving dangerous? With proper training and...
From Phuket to Khao Lak

How to get to Khao Lak from Bangkok, Thailand?

I guess some of you have decided to join KSA Liveaboard on our scuba diving trips in the Similan Islands and North Andaman Route, but still have no clue how to travel from Bangkok to Khao Lak, Thailand. Well, we have a few solutions for you to come to Khao Lak and have the best...
Similan Islands Liveaboard Trips

What to Expect from Joining Similan Islands Liveaboard Trips

Named Jewels of the Sea, The Similan Islands (หมู่เกาะสิมิลัน) are notorious as one of the top 10 scuba diving destinations in the world.  The distance from Khao Lak to Similan Islands is 65 km off the coast in Phang Nga, Thailand. Similan National Park consists of 11 islands that stretch 20 km North to South...

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