Scuba Refresher

If you have not been fortunate enough to have been diving within the last 12 months and you have less than 50 dives logged, then we request you to take a Scuba Tune-Up, prior to embarking on one of our Liveaboard or Daytrips, for your own enjoyment and safety. It is a long way to go to the Similan Islands only to discover that you do not remember exactly how it all works, become anxious, use air excessively and ultimately have short dives.

During the Scuba Tune-Up you will have a brief academic review of the most important theory parts of the Open Water Course and repeat in an approximately 2-hour training session, in our inhouse pool, the most important diving skills. Divers who take the Tune-Up confirm, that they have a much more relaxing and pleasurable experience, with their diving competences are refreshed and up to date.
Include Round transfer from your Hotel in Khao Lak and back, complete set of diving equipment and instructor fees.


Day 1

1 hour classroom / 1 hour pool

* Note: Need to come before liveaboard trip 1 day at 8 AM

Scuba Refresher

2,500 THB

Starting Daily at 2 PM for 2 Hours, Theory and Practical Skills

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