Chirstmas Point

South West corner of Similan Island 9 is home to this awesome dive site, boulders, sharks, turtles are all regular visitors here.
Type of DiveBoulder
Depth8 – 40 metres diving depth
Visibility10 – 30 metres
Temperature27 – 29 degrees C
DifficultyIntermediate / Advanced PAD

CHRISTMAS POINT – Similan Island #9

This is definitely a dive site to bring your camera! With a maze of granite boulders and swim-throughs photos really capture the beauty of this site.

christmas point

Ribbon eels and Orange-spotted Pipefish can be seen around the edge of this dive site as well as Napoleon Wrasse and the occasional Eagle Ray. Anemones with Porcelain Crabs inhabit the crevasses and Nudibranches galore can be seen crawling over the boulders.

christmas point

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