Shark Fin Reef

Shark Fin Reef is one of the most southern sites in the Similan Islands which few divers are lucky enough to visit.
Type of DiveBoulders / Wall
Depth10 - 30 meters
Visibility15 - 30 meters
Temperature27 - 29 degrees C

SHARK FIN REEF – Similan Island #3

Located off the south east side of Island 3, this site was named for the shape of its elongated ridge rising above the surface which reminds many of a shark fin.
Our main reference above and below is the ridge itself. The elongated shape covers a long distance, making walls, platforms, cracks, and small caves where we can spend the second half of the dive after exploring the deeper parts of the surrounding area. Let’s see if you will be lucky enough to find leopard sharks resting in the sand, humphead parrotfish, marble stingrays, or even pink whiprays.

shark fin reef

The shallow areas will excite photographers when they have to choose between interesting subject in some the clearest waters of the Similan Islands.

shark fin reef

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